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Research & Development

As a company specializing in developing and manufacturing gas spring for mold and mold standard parts, POWERTEC CO., LTD. is manufacturing and supplying various mold standard parts and is trying to achieve globalization of mold parts.
And also in order to enhance a comparative advantage in terms of quality and technology competitiveness we are dedicating ourselves to investing in the related technology and training human resources constantly.
  • Overview of R&D Center of POWERTEC
“R&D Center of POWERTEC is central to the development of mold parts we are pushing ahead with.”
Mold technology specialists participate fully in the whole process from design to production, and direct to produce competitive products, strive to develop new product, to improve product quality, and to reduce production cost by improving production process. Through their various R & D activities, we are promoting the center as the birthplace of technology research and development that leads mold parts.
  • History

2009 Started development of Gas springs
2011 Established our own R & D Center
2012 Patent Registration for Gas spring
2013 Gas Booster Development for Nitrogen gas spring | Patent Registration : 2014
2014 Development of Dust cap gas spring
Development of Poterble Force Tester
Registered Patent “Gas spring for protection from external contaminants”
2015 Slow Return Gas Spring Development
Scrap Remover(PSR-10) Development
2016 Development of Safety Gas Spring
  • Research Activities
  • Development of new product, Gas spring
  • Gas spring reliability test and product improvement activity
  • Development of ROD surface heat treatment
  • Process improvement activity and processing technology development
  • Recognition of R&D Center
Recognition of R&D Center
  • Jul. 2011
  • Gwangju-Jeonnam Regional Office of Small and Medium Business Administration (Korea)
  • Registered Patent
Gas spring
  • 10-1129044
  • Mar. 2012
Gas Booster for Nitrogen gas spring
  • 10-1384368
  • Apr. 2014
Registered Patent "Gas spring for protection from external contaminants"
  • 10-1456292
  • Oct. 2014
Patent acquired For Scrap Remover
  • 10-1647500
  • Aug. 2016